Fly-Fishing Podcasts: Give one a try!

By Larry Forte

podcast iconI spend a lot of time in my car. When you add my commute to work, plus the time I spend driving to visit my clients I am in my car a couple of hours a day. At this point, I am bored with the radio, whether its music or talk radio. Also, I am not a fan of audio books.

Lately I have been listening to fly-fishing podcasts. In fact, it’s pretty much all that I listen to. First, they provide great technical information on how to fly-fish different types of water. For example, before my recent trip to Montana, I found several podcasts about fly

3 fishing in Montana that were very helpful. In addition, you will also find great interviews with prominent members of the fly fishing community, like Joan Wulff and Joe Humphreys.

The first issue for me was to learn how to access the podcasts and to get them to play in my car. I have a basic iPhone. Since I am not very tech “savvy”, my youngest daughter helped me out. By accessing iTunes or the PODCAST app on my phone, I was able to easily search “fly-fishing” podcasts. With Bluetooth in my car, I can play them through the radio.

You will find many shows and after listening to just about all of them, there are four that I like the most. They are described below. Some podcast shows provide a new episode every week. Others less frequently. The cool thing about the Podcast app is that you can have new episodes automatically downloaded to your smartphone or tablet when released.

I recommend you give one a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Here are the Podcasts that I like.

2 Guys and a River

This podcast is about 2 friends based out of Chicago, and they do a weekly podcast. It’s short – typically about 25 minutes – and they cover a wide range of flyfishing topics. They are about my age – mid 50’s — and they don’t take themselves very seriously. When I listen to them, it feels like I am hanging out with my buddies having a beer. They provide good, basic tips about fly fishing while at the same time they are not afraid to make fun of themselves.

Link: 2 Guys and a River

The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast with Rob Snowhite

I started listening to Rob’s podcast this summer and really enjoy what he has to say. Rob is local, from Norther Virginia, and many of his topics focus on our area. For example, he has several podcasts about shad fishing on the Potomac. You can also find him discuss snakehead and carp fishing in the area. Plus, he takes you on his fishing trips. Very cool. His podcasts can range from 1-2 hours long. Plus, he has an extensive archive of podcasts that you can listen to. Also, Rob will be our guest speaker in March.

Link: The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

The Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer

This is a great podcast and each episode is about 90 minutes long. Half of each episode is devoted to listener questions. Tom has written many books on the subject and his answers are very informative and extremely helpful. The second half is typically an interview with a guest and his topics usually cover techniques for targeting certain species, like bonefish, steelhead and carp. He has an archive of podcasts going back over 9 years so it easy to go back and listen to previous episodes.

Link: The Orvis Fly Fishing Podcast

Anchored by April Vokey

April’s podcast typically involves either in-depth interviews with someone in the industry, like Gary Loomis and Joan Wulff or destination topics like steelhead fishing in British Columbia. She is very knowledgeable and conducts a good interview.

Link: Anchored

If you are looking for something different to listen to, these 4 podcasts are very enjoyable. If you have any questions about how to access these podcasts, just let me know.