Beginner’s Fly Tying: May 21, 2018

By Don Fine

The fly selected for the May 21st Beginner’s fly tying session will be “Dave’s Damsel Nymph”. I learned to tie this nymph over 20 years ago and have used it successfully to catch Smallmouth, Trout and Panfish in still waters where Damselflies are prevalent. This pattern developed by Dave Whitlock significantly imitated the nymph stage of a Damsel fly.

It is a killer pattern when fished along weed beds close to the shore line in the early spring and summer, when fish are foraging on insects and small baitfish in those areas of still water habitat. For those who may not be aware damsel and dragonfly larvae are predatory in themselves and often feed on smaller aquatic insects and bait fish. As usual, the Beginner’s fly tying will begin at 7:00 PM in room 207 at Trinity United Methodist Church, 703 West Patrick Street.