Seven Basic Laws of Fishing from Reel Lines, the newsletter of the Arizona Flycasters Club
(reprinted from Streamlines May 2004)

      1. Results are proportional to time spent. That doesn’t mean that if you fish more than me you will catch more than me. It simply means the more you fish the more you will catch.
      2. The best time to go fishing is whenever you get the chance. Remember the results of rule #1.
      3. The sun sets faster when fishing than at any other time. Another way to say this is as often we see on car bumpers – the worst day fishing beats the best day working.
      4. Don’t practice when fishing. You can practice another time. Don’t waste time when fishing. Remember rule #1.
      5. The best fishing is often done in the telling. Who wants a great day fishing if you can’t tell someone about it from time to time?
      6. Fish are caught when your fly is in/on the water. Don’t spend time fishing “not fishing”.
      7. The single, most effective technique in fishing is “one more cast, just one more cast.”

So go fishing often, stay late. Don’t stop because the weather is bad, it will get better soon. Don’t stop because you’re hungry; eat while you keep on fishing. Don’t stop because they’re not biting, that will change soon so keep on fishing. Finally, when you can’t see, your friends have left, your spouse has disappeared, your dog is gone, remember there is always time for “one more cast, just one more cast.”