PVFF to Start Project Healing Waters Program

By Larry Forte

Project Healing Waters logoI am happy to announce that the club and Project Healing Waters have agreed to start a new program at Fort Detrick starting this Fall. As you know, we have been working towards this goal since the beginning of the year. This is a great thing for the Club to do for the military personnel at Fort Detrick and the disabled veterans in the area. Our first meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 23rd.

The PVFF team will be led by Dave Wooster and he will be the Program Lead. Jim Lowell will be the Assistant Lead. David Folkerts will also be a big part of the team. Several Club members have also volunteered to help. This includes Andrew Frutiger, Lynn Ashe, Colin Flournoy, Tom Dorsz, Maria Wilson and Pat Staley. Without all of their efforts and help, we could never make this happen.

At this point, the first goal is to start getting the word out about the Program at Ft. Detrick and to plan for our first meeting. In the future, we will meet monthly at Trinity United Methodist Church. In addition, we hope to schedule an outing every couple of months.

While we have a great team in place, this will take much more help in the future. If you would like to help and get involved, please contact Dave Wooster (dwooster2@gmail.com) or Larry Forte (lbforte@verizon.net).