Upcoming Outings: Oct. 2018 Update

Salmon River; Pulaski, New York Date: Thursday to Sunday, October 11th to 14th

By Dan Neuland

The annual PVFF trip to the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York (NY), will be held on the second weekend of October 2018. Now is the time to book campsites at Selkirk Shores State Park and reserve passes at the Douglaston Salmon Run (DSR). Most PVFF members will be camping on Loop A.

Although the famed Salmon River has miles of public water, anyone interested in attending the outing should consider purchasing a DSR daily pass online on the their website now as they will be sold out soon if not already for the days our trip is planned.

The DSR offers a quality experience to a limited number of anglers for the price of a daily rod fee ($75.00, kids under 15 years of age are free with a paying adult).  The fish entering the Salmon River first must pass through the 2-mile section of the DSR where fly anglers have the best opportunity to hook one of these giants. Chest waders and Boots with studded soles are highly recommended. NY State Non-resident Fishing License fees are: $50.00 annual, $28.00 for 7 – day and $10.00 for 1 – day.

For many PVFF members, the annual trip to the town of Pulaski is the highlight of the fishing season. Whether you fish the private waters of the DSR or upstream on the 13 miles of public water, landing a 15 to 30 pound Chinook or Coho salmon on a fly rod is a challenge and certainly a trophy to be admired. There is sure to be Steelhead and Brown Trout in the mix and some Atlantic Salmon as well.

Fishing the Salmon River is an experience you will never forget! For more information and anyone interested in sharing a campsites should contact Dan Neuland at: danneuland@verizon.net or phone 240-422-1299.

Trip Details

What: PVFF Salmon River Outing
Where: Pulaski, New York
Arrive: Thursday, October 11th

Depart: Sunday October 14th 
Fish Species: Atlantic, Coho, & King Salmon, Steelhead, Brown Trout

Equipment: 8, 9 or 10 weight Single-hand Rods & matching Big Game Reel with a solid Drag System is a must! The number of anglers using two-handed Spey equipment has increased over the past several years. You have plenty of room to use it! Chest waders with metal cleats or studs also are essential for maintaining footing while fighting a fish.

Flies: Simple Estaz egg patterns in size #4 or #6 have been the top producers.

CampingSelkirk Shores State Park

WaterDouglaston Salmon Run

Contact: Dan Neuland: danneuland@verizon.net

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