Our Fish, Our Home Waters

By Don Fine

rainbow trout

I’m sure that most every PVFF member has heard us refer to Catoctin Creek as our Club’s Home Waters. But for those that may not be aware, we use the term ‘home waters’ because of the reciprocal relationship that developed and has continued between PVFF and the Catoctin Creek Nature Center (CCNC). In brief, the section of Catoctin Creek that falls under the domain of the CCNC property is where we annually stock the stream with rainbow trout raised ‘with loving care’ at the Club’s stocking pen. The most recent stocking was done this past week. Several days thereafter I visited the stream to try my hand at catching some of these well fed PVFF-stocked Trout.

What an amazing day to be on the stream! Though the temperature was in the low 40’s, the sun was bright and the wind mild. Leaves turning golden and the smell of autumn was in the air. Upon arriving at the stream my initial (somewhat pessimistic) thoughts were that the fish might not yet be adapted to the stream conditions having lived in the pen for nearly a year, or that the weather change might shut the fish ‘down’. Within a few minutes I hooked and landed one decent trout and then my optimism soared. Wow! I haven’t lost my skill over this crazy wet summer. Over the next 1 ½ hours I landed an additional 3 nice rainbows and lost a significant number more. Note: we ‘skilled’ fly fishers often refer to any fish that we have on line longer than 2 seconds, as a long line release.

Indeed our Club is blessed to have our own ‘home waters’ and to have members who are devoted to raising these beautiful trout. It is an awesome resource for not only our members, but for the general public who also can enjoy the thrill of ‘Catch & Release’ fishing.