Wet Fly Workshop

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If you missed our February, 2019, Wet Fly Workshop, have no fear. Download a copy of Don Fine’s 16-page workshop booklet and start tying some flies. In this booklet, you’ll find the following reference material:

  • Guidance in tying wet flies (and artificial flies in general)
  • A list of soft hackle flies (by Sylvester Nemes)
  • Materials for soft hackle (wet) flies
  • Popular wet fly patterns to use in the following regions:
    • Maryland, Tennesse, and Kentucky (from William A. Orenchain)
    • Virginia and West Virginia (from James Bumgardner, Jr., F.R Webb, Neil Robinson, and Ed Bowly)
    • Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware (from J.B. Chandler, M.E. Doyle, C.A. Babcock, J.C. Biddle, J.M. Anderson, and H.H. Lane)
  • Materials list for tying traditional wet flies
  • All about wet flies and wet fly fishing. In addition to a brief history of wet fly fishing, Don answers the following questions:
    • What is a wet fly and what does it imitate?
    • Is a “soft hackle” fly a type of wet fly?
    • Why would a fish be attracted to a wet fly?
    • How does one fish a soft-hackle wet fly?
    • Why are some wet flies tied in natural colors while others are quite colorful?
    • What contributed to the success of wet flies in America?
  • Step-by-step instructions for tying a traditional tailed and winged wet fly
  • Step-by-step instructions for tying a tail-less soft hackle wet fly
  • Links to online instructional videos for tying traditional wet flies and soft hackle wet flies

Download a copy here: