PVFF Project Healing Waters – Frederick Program (April 2019 Update)

By Andrew Frutiger
Project Healing Waters logo
Project Healing Waters – Fort Detrick Chapter.

March opened with a bang, our first official outing and what a great one it was as Demi, Collin and other members of the Project Healing Waters Frederick Program travelled to Lancaster Pennsylvania to attend the annual Fly Fishing Show on the second weekend of March.

They got to experience just how open and welcoming the Fly Fishing Community is. From attending lectures on techniques and strategies, where information is freely shared, to learning to cast with industry legend, Bob Clouser, to fly tiers sharing their knowledge and sometimes sharing a bit too much about the historical origin around their flies. It was a whirlwind day and when we all had a minute, we were able to get together at the Lancaster Central Market and do what is most important, come together as a community, sharing stories about the day, joking about who found the best pretzel and so much more! For me personally, the day was an incredible reminder to what drew me to fly fishing.

Lynn, Ray, Bob Clouser, Demi & Collin at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show in early March.

If you’d like to help at one of these sessions we are always looking for volunteers. To learn more about the program and follow our Chapter’s progress, follow us on Facebook at: Project Healing Waters – Frederick Chapter or reach out to me directly with any questions or if you would like to get involved at: andrewfrutiger@yahoo.com.

Our next PHW Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:00 PM at the Francis Scott Key Post #11, 1450 Taney Avenue, Frederick, MD.