Beginner’s Fly Tying Class: Sep. 16

By Don Fine

The September Beginner’s Fly Tying session will be held on September 16th starting at 7:00pm. The pattern chosen for that evening is the Squirmy Wormy.

You might ask, why has Don chosen the same pattern for the September Beginner’s tying session that Vernon Wilson covered in the August combined Roundtable/Beginner’s tying session? Frankly, for several reasons. For those who did not attend the August fly tying session, you too will have the opportunity to learn to tie this amazingly animated and productive worm imitation. And for those who did attend the August tying session, you will have the opportunity to practice and perfect your tying of the Squirmy Wormy. After all, trying to tie a piece of rubbery material to the shank of a hook can be a challenge, especially when glue is not an alternative.

For those who missed the August 19th tying of the Squirmy Wormy, Vernon demonstrated step-by-step with detailed explanation of why, and how he ties his version of the pattern. As an example, Vernon reverses the bead on the hook, which allows for unobstructed movement of the anterior (head) section of the fly.

While the Squirmy Wormy has gained its fame, as a great trout fly pattern, but it is similarly very productive for smallmouth and panfish. Be sure to carry the Squirmy Wormy in your fly box. It may get you through those days when you simply can’t match the hatch. As usual, the Beginner’s Fly Tying will be held in room 207 at Trinity United Methodist Church. Tying materials and basic equipment will be provided for those who are new to fly tying.