Changes to Beginner’s Fly Tying in 2020

By Don Fine

If you are not already aware, we are planning to modify the format and goals of our traditional PVFF Beginner’s fly tying sessions starting in February, 2020. As the popularity of our club’s fly tying program has increased over the past two years, it was felt that a new approach was needed, specifically for the Beginner’s fly tying program.

As such, we anticipate that the new Beginner’s program will provide (a) basic instruction for those who have never tied an artificial fly before (i.e. neophytes) and (b) a progressive series of tying instruction sessions for more experienced tiers who have good basic technique, but wish to expand their repertoire of fly patterns and/or broaden their fly tying skills. Don Fine will continue to serve as the focal point for the Beginner’s Fly Tying program, albeit several members have already volunteered to help new attendees with the basic fly tying instruction. This support is most appreciated.

At this time we do not anticipate any significant changes to the fly tying program, other than a change in name of our fly tying Roundtable, which will hereafter be called Advanced Fly Tying. The focus of the Advanced Fly Tying sessions will be to continue using the expertise of guest fly tiers to provide those whose goal is to learn new techniques, new applications of materials, and/or representation of natural forms of fish bait. However, we do need someone to organize the monthly Advanced Fly Tying class. Jon Thames is stepping down at the end of this month. In order to keep offering this class, we need help organizing it. Look to future issues for more detailed information for both the Beginner’s and the Advanced fly tying sessions.