Dec. 2019 Club Meeting: Travelogue!

By Larry Forte

close-up of mending fly line - courtesy of US Marine Corps

Hope you can join us at our December meeting on the 10th as we bring back our Annual Travelogue! We have not done this in a few years and I have missed it. A couple of months ago, we asked and you voted to bring it back.

For those new to the club, this is when members share their fishing adventures with everyone at our monthly meeting. This could be a local trip, a trip somewhere in the US or in the world. We want to hear about it.

The cool thing is that is shows the diverse opportunities that our members have had in the last year fishing for a wide variety of species and places. Right now, I have 6 fishing adventures that members will share with everyone. Do you have a fishing story to share – it is not too late. Just let me know.

Please join us on December 10th at Tuscarora High School and enjoy the many mini programs various members are going to be sharing on their fishing adventures.