Last Cast: January 2020

Hi everyone, this is my first “Last Cast” as your newly elected president. Before expounding further, let me step back and acknowledge Larry Forte and the three years he served as President! Observing Larry over these last couple of years, I kept saying to myself: “ Boy, he does a lot of work for PVFF, I don’t know how he has time for it.” Hard to follow a legend. But he promised he’s not going anywhere. I also would acknowledge the dynamic duo of Don and Ruby Fine. Don is the person who introduced me to the club and I look to him as being my mentor in all things fly fishing and PVFF. Ruby is the glue that holds the organization together, it’s amazing all the work she does on our behalf!

Our club is vibrant and strong – membership continues to grow, attendance at our general meeting is large (and loud), our fly tying sessions continue to attract new participants, young and old, our outings have enthusiastic fishers, Project Healing Waters is thriving and everyone liked Lt. Col. Big Jim’s BBQ dinner at the banquet. We have great momentum for a stellar 2020!

As we enter a new year, it’s a good time to plan ahead. For PVFF, we look forward to continuing our excellent work in the club’s various activities. I think that with the restructuring of fly tying nights, members will get even more out of those evenings, learning and enjoyment.

Larry and Dan Neuland have started to line up some excellent new speakers for our membership meetings. Let them know if you have any suggestions. Not sure how Rick and the trout pen team can raise bigger and better fish than this year’s, but they will. And Project Healing Waters continues to expand participants as well as its activities.

I’m hoping this year to continue the many outings we take to go to new, or classic, fishing locales. It’s a great way to learn where to fish, which is what we’re all about, as well as bond with others who share our passion. If you have a favorite place to fish or ideas of where we can go, let us know or volunteer to lead us out there.
I guess this would be a good time in this column to ask for your time to help in our many activities (we do have a lot going on) whether it’s teaching kids how to fish, helping our veterans at PHW, feeding the fish in the trout pen, teaching or helping fly tying, organizing outings or whatever great ideas you have. Volunteering to help will enrich your life, making your membership more enjoyable and satisfying.

I do have some personal fishing goals for the year – besides fishing more. Well, I’ll start with that. One thing I plan to do is change my fly quicker. Instead of throwing the same fly for 100 casts and not getting a bite, I will move on to try a different color and pattern after only 80. I also am planning to use as many of the flies that I tie myself, as I continue to learn the fine art from Don. It really is satisfying catching something on a fly that you created. I also look forward to fishing at more places with my fellow members.

As the winner of the Scott Travel Rod this year, I have big plans for it, as well, I’m thinking of asking Lynn Ashe to perform an Opera, at the banquet, based on my experiences with it. Still under consideration.

PVFF has such a tremendous history, continuing to thrive after 52 years, I look forward to being a part of the future.
I hope everyone has a great new year and catches (and releases) many fish. Please let me know if you have ideas, suggestions or comments as the strength of PVFF is in our membership. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Andy Mekelburg
Club President