Beginner’s Fly Tying Class: Feb. 17, 2020

By Don Fine

On February 17, we will launch our new Beginner’s Fly Tying program. This new fly tying program will provide basic fly tying instruction for those who have never tied an artificial fly. It will also provide a series of progressive tying instruction sessions for more-experienced tiers who have good basic technique, but wish to broaden their fly tying skills.

For those who have little to no experience tying flies, on February 17th (and in subsequent months), attendees will receive very basic instruction which includes (but is not limited to): hook types and sizes, basic fly tying tools, procedures for wrapping thread, attaching materials, and materials spacing on the hook and finishing the ‘head’ of the fly. Over a series of monthly fly tying sessions, these individuals will learn to tie very basic patterns; e.g. green weenie, woolly worm, woolly bugger, simple egg and nymph patterns.

At the monthly Beginner’s tying sessions, our more experienced tiers will be tying a diversity of fly patterns. The focus of these sessions is to sequentially introduce new materials and new tying skills throughout the year. The fly selected for the February 17th session is the muskrat nymph, a relatively simple pattern and the focus of which is ‘correct application’ of dubbing materials and insertion of a hackle collar on the fly. Each of these two basic techniques are fundamental to tying more sophisticated patterns. Also, the muskrat nymph is a versatile pattern for early season trout fishing.

Tying begins at 7:00pm at Trinity United Methodist Church, room 2007. Tying materials are provided as well as tying tools for newcomers. Looking forward to a great year of fly tying for all.

<h2>Miss this Session? Here’s a Recap!</h2>