Outings Update: March 2020

Let’s Plan Some Outings!

Members join our club for many reasons, but one of the key ones is to get out to fish. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn, an experienced angler, who wants to see new water, or you just want to fish and have a fun day on the streams with others, the PVFF helps to coordinate a number of member-run outings.

If you have a favorite stream (or second favorite) give us a date and location that you plan to fish and we’ll let the other members know. Just email/call/tap on my shoulder to set up an outing, we’ll coordinate. — Andy Mekelburg

CANCELLED: Ladies Outing in April

Join us for a ladies only outing on April 30 at Fountain Rock Pond in Walkersville, MD, at 10:00 am. We will have lunch out at the tavern afterwards.  Come out for a fun day with the gals!  Call me for questions at 301-639-4520. — Lynn Ashe

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