Last Cast: (April 2020)

By Andy Mekelburg

UPDATE: Under Governor Larry Hogan’s Stay at Home order, recreational fishing and boating and kayaking are currently prohibited activities in Maryland. Limited exceptions exist only for individuals who fish as a matter of sustenance. In all cases, catch-and-release fishing is strictly prohibited anywhere in Maryland.

I hope you and your family are doing well during this time. As you may have anticipated, we’ve had to cancel all club activities for the month of April. This includes our casting clinic, both sessions of fly tying, the youth fly fishing day, the Catoctin Creek clean up, and the women’s fishing outing. If I missed listing an event, it’s cancelled. We are hoping that once all of this is over, we can try to reschedule some of these. However, as none of us know when this will end, we will remain flexible.

In lieu of getting together physically, we have a number of ways for you to stay connected to PVFF. This month in the newsletter, we are featuring articles from our members on best places to fish, with helpful advice for you. We are also making materials available through the mail for our beginner’s fly tying session — instructions and a video will be available on our website no later than April 20. Speaking of the website, be sure to come back often to see our latest announcements, articles, videos, pictures, and links to resources.

It’s times like these when we can find some solace and comfort in fly fishing. Standing out there in the stream, either by yourself or with someone (fishing at the appropriate distance, etc.) focusing on the fly, the fish and the cast, can give you a little “mind vacation.”

If you are not out there fishing, we plan to continue to supply you with “fly fish food” for your mind, to help think about your past adventures and start planning for the future.

Please let me know if you have any questions, need any information, or have information you can share with us. We will continue to monitor and communicate with you as the situation changes.

Andy Mekelburg
Club President