Project Healing Waters – Frederick Program (April 2020 Update)

By Larry Forte

Project Healing Waters logoGiven the current COVID-19 crisis, all Project Healing Waters face-to-face meetings and outings have been suspended. However, that didn’t stop Program Lead Dave Wooster and his team from meeting with our veterans – via the internet.

By using a video conferencing platform, they were able to conduct a fly tying class, virtually, for our vets. I was part of the video conference and it was really cool.

Dave and his team delivered vices, hooks, and materials to everyone prior to the online meeting. Colin Flournoy led the meeting and taught everyone how to tie the Mulberry fly. Great job guys! Everyone enjoyed it. Here’s a quote from one of the veterans:

“Man was that AWESOME!!  I am so thankful to be a part of such a welcoming group!!!  Thanks again to all of the volunteers!!”