Fly Swap 2020: Can You Match the Fly with the Name?

By Dave Keane

Thanks to the members who participated in the fly swap. Our club is very fortunate to have such talented fly tiers. Below is a list of those who participated and what fly they tied. Can your match the fly names to the flies in the photo? It’s a small photo, that’s part of the challenge!

  • Dave Keane: Zebra Midge
  • Troy Kitch: Rainbow Warrior
  • Paul Dobson: All-Purpose Emerger
  • Rob Morgan: Slump Buster
  • Larry Forte: Frenchie
  • Karen Baker: Golden Retriever
  • Don Fine: Foam Hopper
  • Andy Mekelburg: Mop Fly
  • Lynn Ashe: Gray Hackle Yellow
  • Martyn Holland: Diawl Bach
  • Susan Kleit: Squirmy Wormy