PVFF to Start an Advanced Fly Tying Group

By Larry Forte

fly tying vise with bass fly
In January, PVFF plans to start an Advanced Fly Tying Group. This will be similar to our very successful Advanced Roundtable from the past, but with a few changes. The idea is that the group would meet once a month on a predetermined date. For example, it may be the third Thursday of the month. At first this group will meet virtually, but hopefully at some point in 2021, we will be able to meet together ‘face to face.’

Here’s how meetings of the Advanced Fly Tying Group will work. Each participant will be responsible for leading a tying session for at least one monthly meeting during the year. The leader for any given month will select the ‘fly of the month’ and show how it is tied during the meeting. Thus, if we have 12 tying members in the group, each member of the group would lead a session once per year.

Prior to the meeting which you are scheduled to lead, you would supply only the recipe (via email) for the fly to the other members. Then each member would be responsible for getting his/her necessary materials before the tying session — not the lead tier. The leader’s sole responsibility is to show the group how to tie the fly.

To be part of the group, we encourage participants to consider tying skills are that of an intermediate – advanced fly tier. Those who are new to fly tying would be expected to continue participating in the monthly Beginner’s fly tying session, until they are proficient at the basic tying skills. Members of the Advanced Fly Tying Group are not excluded from their continued participation in the monthly Beginner’s sessions, which have been very successful throughout 2020.

Also, as part of the group, your participation requires you to lead one tying session each year (assuming that there are at least 12 members).

Again, the meetings would start virtually but, hopefully by mid 2021, we will be meeting together as a group at a defined location.

If you are interested in participating, register below.