Last Cast: December 2020

By Andy Mekelburg

We’re in the midst of the holiday season of the strangest year in my mind, so thought it would be an appropriate time to say thanks to everyone for such a successful year. First of all, let me thank the Board of Directors and other volunteers who have helped guide us through this year. Both Larry Forte and Don Fine have offered critical and timely advice that have helped shape our direction. While I’m mentioning Don, what he and Troy have done with the Fly Tying at a Distance Program has been nothing short of phenomenal. They have established a brilliant model for future fly tying.

I want to recognize Karen Baker’s efforts in running the “Virtual Banquet” this year, in a rapidly changing environment. We had a fun, entertaining banquet with a great financial result. We actually netted more this year than in the past, putting us in good financial stead for the near future. Thanks to Lynn Ashe for the donation of her kayak that started the momentum for other contributions. Thanks to the many members and businesses who donated to the raffle and many thanks to everyone who bought tickets, making a generous donation to our future.

Thanks to all our speakers this year, both in person and virtual. Thanks to Rick Loose and the trout pen team for keeping the fish fed through this. And thanks to Mark Toms and the DNR for helping us stock the trout. I know this is the one gift we can all appreciate — taking some time off in this busy season to relax, throw out a few casts, and catch a MONSTER trout!

And of course, many thanks to my wife, Linda, who is supportive of pursuing my passion. I am very much looking forward to ending this year and starting off next year with a clean slate, having a fabulous 2021!