Membership Dues and Starve the Cat

By Dave Dowiak

The New Year approaching always reminds me how fast time “flys” by and how many more times I should have gone fishing. It also means it’s time to renew your membership in our PVFF club.

Club dues are now $15 single and $20 family.  Please fill out and mail in your membership form with payment, including your interest in club activities or any suggestions. You’ll find the form here.

PVFF is all about education, conservation, and fellowship. Please participate to make our club more active and stronger to support these three goals. Read the informative monthly newsletter. Zoom the insightful monthly meetings. Enjoy the online fly tying lessons. Hike with the conservation outings. Or call a club member or friend to go fishing.

But be aware that late membership payment means your first catch next year will be confiscated and fed to Andy Mekelburg’s cat. I can hear Andy now saying, “When did we get a cat?” Pay him no mind — let’s get the dues paid and starve the cat.

And to be politically correct in a satirical way, please note no animals were hurt in the writing of this article and Andy is willing to accept live trout into his neighborhood stream. He might start feeding them special cat food. How ironic…