Last Cast

It’s all about timing. A couple of days ago we got four inches of snow, on top of 12 inches from previous storms, now we have weather in the 50’s. What’s a fly fisher to do? I don’t know, but I can tell you what I’ve been doing — tying flies. Between the Advanced Fly tying, where Larry Forte tied the Copper John, then Beginner’s Tying, where Don taught the Prince Nymph, I’ve been working on increasing my collection of useful flies. With the insight from those two and lots of practice, I’m slowly improving my “biots’” results. Both programs have been excellent and so useful to building up the fly box.

So with March coming in, let the fishing begin!  Thanks to Mike Holland, who is coordinating our outings, we are starting to get some on the calendar. None for March, yet, so let him know if you’re ready to lead a trip somewhere. Also, with the season starting, the Mentor Program should be up and running soon — contact Kevin Haney if you’re interested. We already have four mentees.

We have some great things coming up this Spring: the casting clinic, the fly swap, the outings we’re scheduling. I’m particularly excited about Bob Clouser appearing at our May general meeting. Looking forward to hearing from a living legend.

This is the most optimistic time of year. The flies are boxed, the rods and reels are prepped, all the other assorted stuff is ready to be found, somewhere. While no fish have been caught, yet, there are many that have popped up in your imagination — the conditions are great, clear smooth water, starving fish looking for that particular fly you tied for it (probably a mop fly), no weeds or growing bushes to get snared on. Only one thing better — making it a reality. See you out there!

By Andy Meckleberg