Project Healing Waters – Frederick Program (April 2021 Update)

Whether you’re a glass half full or half empty fly fisherman, we can all agree that opening day still holds weight and is something to look forward to each year. Now that the 2021 fishing season is officially underway, it is time to get outside and fish safely. Although we cannot fish together as a group, individuals and small groups can all still get out there (following Governor Hogan’s guidelines) and put all of those flies, casting, and fishing strategies we have been practicing to work.

Project Healing Waters logo
Project Healing Waters – Fort Detrick Chapter.

Our Frederick Chapter of Project Healing Waters has spent the better part of the past twelve months tying an assortment of highly effective flies for the coming season. They have tied everything from mop flies to Woolly Buggers to egg patterns to midges and much more.

Combine these flies with the virtual casting clinics, as well as fishing strategies for each type of water and species, and our veterans have an incredibly strong base to start the season. I am looking forward to our upcoming virtual meetings to hear some great fishing stories.

— Andrew Frutiger