Tackle Tips: Tying the Turle Knot

If you are looking for a strong, easy knot to tie on a fly, especially if your eyesight is not all that good and you are using fine tippets, consider the Turle Knot. It is named after Major William Greer Turle, a 19th-century English angler who popularized the knot but did not claim to have invented it. It is most often used to tie on a fly with a turned up or turned down eye. Advantages of this knot are that it can be tied with the fly out of the way, and when finished the line emerges parallel to the hook shaft, giving a better set when a fish is hooked.

There are several variations to this knot and this one would be considered the “Improved Turle Knot.” Lefty Kreh suggests tucking the tag end through the large loop before tightening the knot onto the hook eye, but that is optional.

Graphic courtesy knots101.com

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By Kevin Haney