Last Cast

For those who joined us at our last general meeting, I hoped you enjoyed the evening with Bob Clouser. Bob was more than generous with his time, knowledge, and personality. Bob’s years of tying the Clouser minnow was evident in his ease of
demonstrating it to us. The presentation about bass was interesting. However, the thing that hit me the most was the link to the history of the sport.

Yes, I realize that fly fishing has been practiced for many years. However for me, people like Bob and Lefty are the links from the previous era to the “modern” era. Actually, when I think about it, these fly fishers are among the innovators that brought us into the modern era.

Fishermen in the not-so-distant past not only inspired us, but as students of the sport were able to evolve the sport and techniques. They were the innovators who forged the trail with new rod materials, new flies invented, and new casting methods.

The many books and videos and appearances they were involved with helped to train our generation and readied the sport for its next evolution. The interest in fly fishing has exploded in the last year for obvious reasons, but this just continues the trend over the last few years. Just observing the addition of many new members to our club, you can see this shift to the next generation beginning. It’s very heartening to see the many new fishers who have joined the ranks. Our mentor program has helped introduce fly fishing to a number of members, as well as increasing skills and confidence.

What I take most out of studying our predecessors and mentors is the nature and character of these gentlemen who have made participating so enjoyable with their non-competitive nature. They were always willing to share their attentions, knowledge, and skills to help their fellow, and potential, fishers. It’s like going out to the stream and asking whoever’s out there fishing: “Have you caught anything and what are you using?” You always get a friendly answer. Hope to see you out on the stream soon! Let me know what you’re catching the big fish on!

by Andy Meckleburg