Project Healing Waters: Modifed Mop Fly

In our latest installment of online fly tying seminars, Collin took us through tying an alternate version of the Mop fly. Collin’s version added rubber legs, which allows for more movement on the water, ultimately getting more looks. As with the standard mop fly, this can be tied in an assortment of colors, hook sizes, and rubber leg styles. The key when adding the legs is to make them about the same length as the overall fly. One note: you can always go a little long on the legs and cut
them down at the stream depending upon what insects you are seeing in the area. Project Healing Waters has now entered Phase 3 nationally and our chapter is working hard to schedule our first in-person event that can include up to 10 total
individuals, veterans and volunteers combined. Although we were originally shooting for our first Modified Mop Fly
event to occur in May, a casting seminar at the American Legion, it looks like mother nature may force us to wait a little while longer. If you have any questions or would like to participate in any of our upcoming fly tying sessions at Fort Detrick, please reach out to me at any time or go to our Facebook page at Project Healing Waters — Frederick Chapter.

By Andrew Frutiger