Last Cast

In another couple months or so we’ll be complaining about the cold, however we fly fishers still need to fish despite the overwhelming evidence that it’s hot. My recommendation, as one company would say (can’t name them until they contribute to the banquet), you need to “Just do it!” 

I have been going on the waters to beat the heat and it worked. Here are some of my recent cooling off spots.

First stop, Savage River, always challenging. Mike Holland and I went to the so called “Phd Pool” (think smart fish). Nice and cool by the waters. I got some hits on the cicada pattern and finally got a 14” brown. A new first for me (not the brown, but catching a fish at that pool). Not too long a drive out there. Once you get there, there are many great fishing options, such as the North Branch of the Potomac, the Youghiogheny, the Casselman, and Town Creek, among the many others. Troy and Dave are planning an outing out to the Savage in October, so look for the details on the website.

Next escape was the club annual outing to the Conocoheague on the 4th of July. We had a great showing of PVFF fishers. Half of the group went above the Broadfording road bridge and half of us went below. I think the crew that went upstream did better than those that went down —  but a good time had by all and everyone was home for their BBQ.

A couple of weeks later we went to Beaver Creek, parking at the farmer’s lot (I always thank him!). Nice and cool under the tree canopy, a reasonable trade for the flies I gave to the trees. We worked up to the bend and in the stretch above, I found a nice pool of browns. I threw out the “MekelMop” and there was a stampede towards it. I had been a while since I caught something in Beaver Creek, but I broke that slump that day.

Last but not least, we met up with Mike Heck (I can use his name, because he contributes to our banquet) in Chambersburg on a hot Sunday morning. We drove through a lot of Central Pennsylvania, but the water was low at his usual spots. Then he brought us up to Mountain Creek, outside of Caledonia State Park. Mike put us onto some pools that held some native brook trout, and I somehow caught two.  It was a mountain-cooling, relaxing, successful day.

The key to beat the heat is start early and end by noon, or go out late. It’s nice and cool in and around the stream even with your waders on, or whether you choose to wet wade. Standing under the trees, with the shade of all my flies on the limbs above, provided comfort from the beating sun. All I can say

is don’t let the warm weather keep you in the air-conditioned basement. Get out to the natural air conditioning, it’s a lot more fun! I look forward to hearing your stories and getting together to create new ones. See you out there!

By Andy Meckleberg