Catoctin Creek Outing: Let’s Catch Those Stocked Fish

From left to right: Seth Dembro, Mike Holland, Kevin Lynn, Dick Vandervaat, Frank Bender.

Outing chairman Mike Holland arranged a great kick-off to the 2021-2022 season on November 22 at the Catoctin Creek Nature Center. Timing was good, coming a couple of weeks after the trout stocking. Thanks to Rick Loose, the trout feeding team, and all the volunteers who participated in the trout stocking. 

We had a good group that came out in slightly chilly temperature to kick off Thanksgiving week. Without disclosing the secret locations, I can confidently say that there are no small fish in there.

Dirk Vandervaat, known from now on as “Eagle Eye,” hauled in plenty of fish after letting the first couple of fish get off for humanitarian reasons.

Kevin Lynn reported a number of catches and even I caught a couple, thanks to Dirk’s laser-like vision. Yes, the MekelMop worked for the first fish, then I switched to the prince nymph after watching Dirk’s continued success. After a bit of warm-up (okay it was a couple of hours) Seth Dembro started pulling them in, allowing us to claim a successful day for the group.

We are appreciative of our intrepid leader, Mike, as he fished the riffles in order to send the fish our way.  We are looking forward to the next outing.

We’re shooting for at least one a month in the coming year, starting now (I always like the challenge of winter fishing). 

By Andy Mekelburg