Beginner’s Fly Tying: Two Winter Patterns

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PART I: Introduction and Overview
PART II: Tying the Buzz Ball
PART III: Tying the Zebra Midge
PART IV: How to Fish These Flies

Written instructions are also available below.

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Session Overview

Our first Beginner’s Fly Tying session of 2022 will be held January 18 at Trinity United Methodist Church, starting at 7:00 PM. Seeing that winter is upon us and freshwater fish (e.g. trout) are lethargic in colder water, I chose two winter fly patterns for our class to tie. Both of these patterns, the Buzz Ball (developed by Gary LaFontaine) and the zebra midge, represent two forms in which a midge, a major food source for trout during the cold of winter, can be found. While the Buzz Ball represents a cluster of midges which have collected on the stream surface, the zebra midge represents a single emerging midge. Please note that we no longer mail out materials to those who are not attending in person.