Beginner’s Fly Tying: Red Tag (Wet & Dry)

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PART I: Introduction and Overview
PART II: Tying the Red Tag Wet Fly
PART III: Tying the Wet Tag Dry Fly
PART IV: Fishing these Flies
Written instructions are also available below.

Session Overview

Realizing that spring trout season is upon us, I sought to find a fly pattern which would provide our Beginner’s class with new tying techniques and a pattern which is easily adaptable to tying dry fly patterns. As such, for our next tying session on March 15 at 7 PM, I chose the Red Tag Wet and a modification of it,  the Red Tag Dry. Both of these patterns can be easily modified for tying classic wet and dry flies to use this spring for trout fishing and, subsequently, for panfish later this year.

By Don Fine

Red Tag Wet Fly, courtesy