Project Healing Waters: Getting Ready for the Season

Project Healing Waters rod building session

Have you ever been fishing and everything was going your way? The weather is perfect, your casts are as near perfect as they are going to be, you’ve tied the right fly, and the fish are jumping into your net. You know that it won’t last forever, so you just enjoy the moment for what it is, as preparation meets opportunity (with a dash of luck).  That’s how it feels with Project Healing Waters right now. We’ve been here and done this before. Collin has the fly tying humming right along. We’ve improved the approach to rod building and veterans will now have the ability to fish their own rods this spring. Casting and river awareness are greatly improved. Within a few weeks, we will be well prepared for the season and looking for opportunities: looking for those perfect (and not so perfect) days where everything has the chance to go right.

Speaking of going right. I want to acknowledge the incredible relationship the American Legion has fostered with our group. They continue to be an outstanding partner, from offering us an incredible space, free of charge, to regular donations of funds to help improve the experience for the veterans.

Finally, all luck must finally run its course. This spring, Project Healing Waters Frederick Chapter loses two of the finest people we’ve had the honor to work with: volunteers Jim Lowell and Col. Patrick Staley, retired. Jim is heading off to retirement and Patrick is off to Mississippi. For anyone who has not met either of these gentlemen, they are both key contributors, directly responsible for the success of our chapter. We would not be where we are today without the guidance and commitment of these two gentlemen. We wish them both the best of luck with their new endeavors.

If you have any questions or would like to participate in any of our upcoming fly tying sessions at Fort Detrick, please reach out to me at any time at or go to our Facebook page at Project Healing Waters — Frederick Chapter.

By Andrew Frutiger