Advanced Fly Tying: John Barr’s Meat Whistle

meat whistle fly
Meat Whistle — image courtesy of Tightline Videos

The Advanced Fly Tying meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, July 13, at Trinity United Methodist Church. Note that the July session is one week earlier than our usual Advanced sessions, which are normally held on the third Wednesday of the month. Don Fine will lead the tying session, demonstrating how to tie John Barr’s Meat Whistle. This is an awesome streamer pattern very productive for trout and smallmouth bass, particularly when these species are in heavy cover waiting for an offering of baitfish, freshwater leeches, aquatic worms, etc. to swim by. Materials for tying the Meat Whistle will be provided. Kindly let Don know that you are planning on being present that evening. For those who might plan on participating online, a listing of materials for the pattern will be provided approximately one week earlier. Please let Don ( know in advance as to whether you will participate live or online.

By Don Fine