Beginner’s Fly Tying: Black Ant

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Tying the Dubbed Fur Ant and Foam Ant: Print Instructions

Session Overview

The fly pattern chosen for our June fly tying class is the ‘common’ black ant. Ants are among the group of terrestrial (i.e. land dwelling) insects which fish like to eat. You might ask why? Because ants are packed with protein, making them a natural food for all kind of freshwater fish. At our June 21st Beginner’s fly tying class we will tie two ant patterns, one simulating an ant floating on the water surface and the second simulating a drowned ant.

Both patterns can be fished as a single fly, in combination, or as a ‘dropper’ behind and below another floating fly pattern. An ant is always a good fly to pick on a warm summer day when uncertain about what the fish are feeding on. Another point to consider: while most ant imitations are tied in black, also consider carrying a couple tied in red to simulate red ant species. We never know what color or pattern the fish might key on.

We will meet in Room 207 at Trinity Church at 7:00 PM on June 21.

By Don Fine