Club Meeting: Fly Fishing From a Kayak

an Neuland at Fletcher’s Cove

Outdoor writer Dan Neuland enjoys fly fishing from a kayak on local rivers and lakes, and in the Chesapeake Bay and tidal tributaries. He will speak at the April meeting on Tuesday, April 11th, to share his experience and insight into the growing interest in angling kayaks for fly fishers.

Kayaks are popular with fly anglers who seek the advantage of the expanded fishing opportunities that portable watercraft provide. Fly casting and fly line management issues can make fishing from a kayak challenging for fly anglers. Fortunately, kayaks are now being made specifically for fly anglers. The presentation will look at recent innovations in kayak designs with attention to the specific needs of fly anglers.

In addition, Dan will present the types of sinking fly lines available for varying water depths and fishing locations. Casting techniques such as the water haul, the roll cast pick-up, and casting single-handed rods with Skagit shooting heads will be introduced. Fishing tips and techniques such as positioning, back paddling, and trolling will also be discussed. Optional kayak accessories, including electric motors, anchor systems, stripping baskets, and more will be included in the presentation.

Hope to see you there on April 11th at 7:00 PM, Room A170, Tuscarora High School, Frederick.