PVFF Annual Picnic: June 13

Join us on June 13th at the Catoctin Creek Nature Center (2929 Sumantown Road, Middletown). This is a family event. Bring kids, spouses, whatever – all are welcome!

4 PM: One-Fly contest. Check in at the pavilion before you go, and you have two hours to fish with one fly. We will be there early so you can be on the water at 4 PM, but you must be off the water by 6 PM. Whoever catches the most fish gets bragging rights and a trophy. It really is only ONE fly. You lose it in the trees or it breaks off due to that massive trout – you’re done. Come on back, we’ll have food and drinks waiting.

5 PM-8 PM: Food, drinks, fellowship. There will be burgers and hot dogs, special chicken, and drinks.  Plates, plasticware, cups, and ice will be there. We ask that anyone coming bring a big bag of chips, cookies, desserts, salad, or whatever you’d like to share with the main course — but in a pinch we’d rather have you there empty handed than not there at all. Relax and enjoy food and friends at the park.

7:00 PM:  Skill contests. You know how you really just want to get on the water but first you’ve got to rig up the rod and get a fly on it? Or your fly is doing no good so you want to change it? This year we’re going to see just how well you’ve mastered these tasks. 

First skill: you start with whatever rod and reel you want (we have club sets) but all the line is still on the reel. First person to get the line through the rod, tie on a fly (we’ll furnish a hookless one), and cast it out wins. Second skill: retrieve a fly, change it, and cast back out faster than anyone else. Separate group starts for the two skills, pressure is on. Bragging rights and trophies are on the line. Novice and expert classes. You can participate in either contest or both.

Questions? Contact Dennis Allen via our Contact page.