Beginner’s Fly Tying: Hogan’s Summer Smallmouth Fly

Hogan’s Summer Smallmouth Fly

Summer is well upon us and our attention has turned away from fishing some of the colder water species. So, it’s time now to get out on the rivers, ponds, and lakes where we might find smallmouth or largemouth bass, perhaps pickerel, or perch actively feeding on crustaceans, minnows, etc. In looking for a relatively new (albeit simple) pattern for our August Beginner class, I came upon Hogan’s Summer Smallmouth fly. While this pattern greatly resembles Bob Clouser’s classic Deep Minnow, I found that it is an easier fly to tie for our Beginner’s class and one which we all could fish with this time of year. Perhaps Hogan’s Summer Smallmouth pattern will become another go-to fly for each of us. 

The August Beginner class will be held August 15th, 7:00 PM at Trinity United Methodist Church. As always, we welcome fly fishers who have never tied an artificial fly to join our Beginner fly tying classes; equipment and materials are always provided to newcomers (and PVFF club members) to the ‘world of tying artificial flies.’ 

By Don Fine