Lefty Kreh in the Frederick Library

Lefty Kreh

Starting in September, 2023, the Friends of Lefty Kreh will have five exhibits in the downtown library and have five speakers over the next two months. The topics and speakers are:

  • September 10 — Fishing in Frederick County presented by Dan Neuland
  • September 24 — Lefty Kreh/Citizen of Frederick presented by Don Fine
  • October 1 — Fly fishing equipment and flies presented by Don Fine
  • October 15 — Conservation for individuals presented by Joe Starinchak
  • October 29 — The making of a Lefty sculpture presented by Toby Mendez

We’re celebrating Lefty and excited to introduce the general public to the sport we love. Come by and see the exhibits and, better yet, try to see one of the speeches. They are all at 2 PM.

I’ve had the honor of putting this together (with lots of help) and I gotta tell you, if you don’t know Lefty and appreciate what he did for his family, his nation, and the fishing community you have missed something. Special thanks to Don, Dan, Larry, Toby, Sarah, Cory, and Joe.

— Dennis Allen