Beginner’s Fly Tying: The Twitch Fly

Twitch Fly

Fall is upon us and at last we are having some cooler temperatures. Time to ‘switch gears’ in our approach to fly fishing inland waters, particularly fly fishing for smallmouth bass and large panfish. In my search for a proven fly pattern appropriate for this time of year and for our beginner’s fly tying program, I came across the Twitch Fly, which was developed by Peter Charles in 2018. First thought when you look at the Twitch Fly is that it appears to be another Woolly Bugger imitation (that is, a classic Woolly Bugger without saddle hackle body, but with a cone head and rubber legs.) However, the difference in the two patterns is the manner in which the Twitch Fly is fished. The Twitch Fly is dead drifted in the current, as compared to the traditional stripping motion used in fishing a Woolly Bugger.
Join our Beginners Fly Tying session (to tie the Twitch Fly) on Tuesday evening, October 17th, at 7:00 PM at Trinity United Methodist Church, West Patrick St. Frederick.

By Don Fine