Club Meeting: Travelogue and Club Elections

Fishing in Alaska will be one of the topics for the December 2023 club meeting.

This month’s program will feature a travelogue on two destination fishing locations – Alaska and the San Juan River in New Mexico. While appearing to be informational, it’s actually about two great trips I took this year and, following the Mike Holland dictum, making a fishing excursion out of everything. These were two unique adventures that have now been crossed off the bucket list. In June, I took a cruise along the Alaska shoreline with my son, Cory. I was able to arrange a fishing trip out to Orchid Lake for cutthroat trout. Amazing scenery, no one around, clear waters, Orcas and float planes – with an unbelievable finish!

At the beginning of August, I flew to Dallas and drove with my son-in-law, Nabeel, to Seattle, Washington — approximately 3,000 miles, we did it in 8 days. My one request was to go through Navajo Dam, New Mexico, to fish the San Juan River. I had done this in 2022 while driving with my son Cory from San Francisco to Maryland. Nabeel had never done any kind of fishing, never mind fly fishing. “They” say that the San Juan has 10,000 trout per mile. Not sure of that, but we had 12 visit us in our net for a short time. Finished with a rainbow caught on a San Juan worm!
In addition to this sure to be fascinating presentation, we’ll also conduct our annual elections. We’re a member run organization so we’re always looking for help. Come volunteer, this is how we come up with programs, we talk with members and see what they would like to do, then band together to get it done.

By Andy Mekelburg