Advanced Fly Tying

Let’s Tie Some Flies

Thanks for your interest in our Advanced Fly Tying Group. In-person meetings are at Trinity United Methodist Church in Frederick, Maryland, and are held on the third Wednesday of each at 7pm. By signing up, you will be responsible for leading a tying session for at least one monthly meeting during the year.

Prior to the meeting which you are scheduled to lead, please supply only the recipe (via email) for the fly to the other members. Each member is responsible for getting his/her necessary materials before the tying session — not the lead tyer. The leader’s sole responsibility is to show the group how to tie the fly.

To be part of the group, we encourage participants to consider tying skills are that of an intermediate – advanced fly tier. Those who are new to fly tying may wish to continue participating in the monthly Beginner’s fly tying session until they are proficient at basic tying skills. Members of the Advanced Fly Tying Group are not excluded from their continued participation in the monthly Beginner’s sessions.

If you are interested in participating, register below. Check our event listings and latest article for updates about this monthly group.