Become a Mentor

The overall goal of the Mentor Program is to recruit more club members and produce capable, self-sufficient fly fisherman who will become long time club members and contribute to our activities.  If you are an experienced fly fisherman, we could use you.  The following are suggested steps for the mentor and mentee.  The assumption is that a person requesting a mentor has never fly fished before, or very few times.  With more experience, these steps should be customized to fits the needs and abilities of both parties. 

1.  The mentor will make initial contact with the mentee, either by phone or email.  If the person is brand new to fly fishing, after discussing what they would like to achieve, they would get together for the first time to meet and see what equipment the mentee has, what they need, and what they need to know about using it.  If the person needs casting lessons, the mentor would provide them.  If they need a temporary equipment loan, the mentor should be able to do that.

2.  Fly fishing is best learned on the stream.  Envisioning a series of fishing trips, on the first, the beginner would just go along on a trip with the mentor to observe, net, etc.  They would essentially “caddy” for them, this being the best way to initially learn the basics and absorb the elementary knowledge they would need. 

3.  On a second trip, the mentor and mentee would fish together so the beginner could get hands on experience. 

4.  On a last trip, the mentor could “caddy” for the beginner to impart some concentrated advice.  By then, the beginner should have the basics skills in place.  The mentor should serve as a continuing resource for answering questions after the formal mentor process has been completed.  The mentor should also introduce the mentee to the club and our activities.

After filling out the form below, hit the Submit button.  You will be contacted if we have a mentor request that matches your experience.