Beginner’s Fly Tying Class: January 15, 2018

by Don Fine
Adams pattern

The beginner’s fly tying session will be held on January 15th with Ray Ouellette leading that evening’s tying. Ray has selected an ‘easy’ Adams pattern. Knowing how effective Ray’s flies are at catching trout, this is one session that you don’t want to miss. What makes the Adams a pattern that every fly fisher needs to have in his/her fly box, is that it imitates a broad range of adult mayflies. Many fly anglers, carry an Adams in sizes 14-18 so they can ‘match the hatch’ when the trout are rising for mayflies. If you didn’t know the history of the Adams, just Google it!

The fly tying session will be held at Trinity United Methodist off West Patrick Street in Frederick at 7pm on January 15. Tying equipment and materials are provided. There is no charge for this session.