Roundtable Fly Tying Class: January 17, 2018

by Larry Forte
The “Frankenfly”

This month’s Roundtable fly tying session will be held on Wednesday, January 17th. Join us as we learn how to tie the “Frankenfly”, a fly developed by club member Maria Wilson.

Maria started tying flies about 5 years ago and spent over a year trying different variations of the fly. One day, she gave a few to local guide Kiki Galvin. Pretty quickly, Kiki started have success with the fly at her Project Healing Waters events.

Today, Maria can’t keep up request for her flies. However, you can find her flies at Red, White, and Blue Flies, a veteran owned Sporting Goods Company based in Gaithersburg. All proceeds from the sale of her flies goes to Project Healing Waters.

The fly tying session will be held at Trinity United Methodist off West Patrick Street in Frederick at 7pm on January 17. Tying equipment and materials are provided. There is no charge for this session.