The President’s Line

By Ron Graunke

The following was originally printing in the April 2003 Streamlines. Ron is a great guy and we wish he still lived in the area.

Choices – Spring offers so many itches that need to be scratched. The sun is shining, the creeks, lakes and rivers beckon for someone to cast upon, especially now we have plenty of water. All those flies that I tied so carefully this winter during the snow now need to be baptized, but which one? Which lake? Which river? Which rod? The old adage is true we bring hundreds to the shoreline only to find a dilemma of sorts. Nymphs? Stoneflies? That big gaudy pattern? Then … a selection is made…. a small sip and the world is right. A sudden pull that you missed all winter makes it all worthwhile. You are one with the universe!!!! A magic moment that repeats itself every season opener. Reoccurring casts, more strikes and thoughts of work and schedules all melt away all in a few hours. I ask myself how come I don’t do this every day or at least once a week just like the doctors golf day on Wednesday? I think it’s a lot like ice cream you can’t have it every day otherwise you wouldn’t truly appreciate Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen Daz, or Breyers. Then the cell phone rings. BAM! I swear I’m going to put that message on it. “Hi you reached so and so he or she is not available now. He’s on the other line and can’t be reached at this time.” Now I know why there are boats named; UNAVAILABLE, THE OTHERLINE, OUT OF TOWN, IN THERAPY, and THE OTHER OFFICE. “Please leave your message and we will get back as soon as possible.” Yea right, when donkeys fly…Where is that lead headed double wooly bugger in electric chartreuse?