Roundtable Fly Tying Class: Oct. 17, 2018

By Jon Thames

Join us for an evening with a different twist. Vernon Wilson, manager at Beaver Creek Fly Shop, will be tying his version of a Tenkara fly, “Sakasa Kebari”, or reversed hackle fly. This fly is Vernon’s “’go to’ bass fly” and also his Beaver Creek ‘big Brown fly’. According to Vernon “all flies are Kebari regardless of what country the come from. Kebari translates as a haired or feathered hook, (ke=hair / bari=hook) Sakasa means reverse in Japanese.”

Sakasa Kebari: Tenakara fly.

A little history as well as a new way to fish for most of us. We will start with a demonstration of the Tenkara rod and ways to use it and then progress to tying this fly. Tenkara style has been gaining lots of attention in recent years and I’m happy to be bring it to the club with the help of Vernon. Please join us at Trinity United Methodist Church, room 107, 703 West Patrick Street at 7:00 PM. I encourage anyone interested in learning more about the Tenkara method to join us for this special presentation.