Beginner’s Fly Tying Class: Oct. 15, 2018

By Don Fine

The Beginner’s fly tying class will be held on Monday, October 15th. The fly chosen for that evening is a ‘little known’ pattern known as the “Buzz Ball”.

The pattern developed by the late Gary LaFontaine is an effective imitation of a cluster of floating midges. Midges are an always present insect food source particularly for trout, and particularly during the colder months which will be with us soon. Similar in design to the very popular “Griffith’s Gnat”, Gary tied his Buzz Ball using strictly chicken hackle feathers of varied colors.

The “buzz ball.”

We chose this October (Buzz Ball) pattern to provide fundamental knowledge of choosing and wrapping hackle to those who are just beginning to tie, as well as to provide the more advanced beginners with yet another opportunity to learn about entomology (biology of insects) and creativity that comes with tying one’s own flies. Don’t let fly size keep you from attending this beginner session. While midge imitations are generally tied in hook sizes ranging from size #16 – #20; for the sake of learning we will be using hook sizes #12 or #14 for the October 15th class. As in past months the Beginner’s fly tying will be held in room 207 at Trinity United Methodist Church, 703 West Patrick Street, Frederick.