PVFF 2018 Banquet Thank You

By Jon Thames

I think this past Banquet was as good an evening that I can remember. Everyone had fun and we all enjoyed the good fellowship. Highlights are many and Lynn Ashe and her performance goes down as one for the record book. Congratulations to this year’s Club Award winners Rick Loose and Larry Forte! Thank you for all you do for the Club!!!

As Chairman of the Banquet Committee I have help from the best volunteers to put this Banquet together. They do the work and this year’s success is a result of countless hours from the many volunteers. Thank you to all who stepped up to help make this annual event another success!

In closing, if any members are interested in volunteering to help with next year’s Banquet please know you are welcome. Andy Mekelburg will be chairing our next Banquet, so let Andy know and sign up to join in the fun!