Beginner’s Fly Tying Class: April 15, 2019

By Don Fine

This month’s Beginner’s Fly Tying session will be held on the evening of Monday, April 15th at 7:00 PM. Now that Spring fly fishing is in full ‘bloom’, it is common to find Caddisflies hatching on many streams and rivers throughout the East. One of my favorite Springtime fly patterns imitates the “Green Rock Worm” and which makes an ideal searching pattern when high-sticking nymphs on rivers and streams. This pre-emergent fly along with a classic Elk Hair Caddis dry fly is a very productive combination Spring-time and into warmer Summer months. Tiers that evening will also be introduced to the use of CDC (i.e. Cul De Canard or duck butt feathers), in tying Caddisfly patterns.

As has been customary in past months the PVFF will provide all tying materials to tie this fly and if you do not have your own fly tying equipment, a set will be provided for use that evening. We will again meet in Room 207 at Trinity United Methodist Church, 703 West Patrick Street, Frederick.