Fly Tying Roundtable: Date Change Proposal

By Don Fine and Jon Thames

Our PVFF Monthly fly tying events continue to be a tremendous success. In fact, over the past year the turnout at both the Beginner’s and Roundtable Fly Tying sessions has grown considerably, such that for the Roundtable sessions, the current room 109 at Trinity United Methodist Church is quite crowded. So as we look ahead to the Fall of 2019, we are considering changing the evening for the Fly Tying Roundtable from the third Wednesday of each Month, to the third Thursday of the Month. In doing so, we will have access to a larger room at the Church.

Seeing that we have several months before the start of our Fall fly tying program, we would appreciate feedback from those who regularly attend the Beginner’s fly tying, if this change would be problematic.

The Beginner’s Fly Tying will continue to meet in Room 207 on the 3rd Monday of each month, and the Roundtable Fly Tying will meet in Room 108 at Trinity United Methodist Church on the 3rd Wednesday in May, until a decision is made.