Roundtable Fly Tying Class: May 15, 2019

By Jon Thames

The next Fly Tying Roundtable will be held on Wednesday, May 15th at 7:00 PM where our guest tier is no stranger to the Roundtable. This evening’s guest Tier will be Rachel Bernard as she will lead us in learning how to tie the “Stimulator with Rubber Legs”.

According to Rachel this fly works well on the Little and Big Hunting Creeks. I’ve had limited success on Big Hunting Creek so any fly that “works well” gets my undivided attention. Use this Simulator on Fishing Creek for Brookies. Tie it in larger sizes for Panfish, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass in rivers or ponds as the weather warms in late Spring and Summer. As Rachel pointed out this is also an excellent fly for Dry Dropper Rigs or as a tracking fly with smaller flies in fast water.

We will meet again in Room 109 at Trinity United Methodist Church 703 West Patrick Street.  As is our policy, the PVFF will provide the materials for this Fly so bring your tying equipment and vise. Loaner vices and basic equipment will be available. New tiers are always encouraged to attend!