Astronomy Minute: February 2021

Star Hopping From Orion – If you can find Orion, follow the line through his belt to the right to find the fiery red eye of Taurus, Aldebaran. Then, continue to the right to what looks like a misty patch of stars. Your eyes may need a few minutes to acclimate to the dark. Binoculars are very helpful to see what looks like a tiny dipper composed of six primary stars. 

The Japanese call this constellation subaru and have it depicted on the badge of every Subaru vehicle. Although there are only six main stars visible, this constellation is also known as The Seven Sisters. 

Why seven? Apparently, early man could see seven stars. Two of them moved closer over the millennia, and now our eyes can only differentiate six. The new moon is February 11, so the sky will be nice and dark. Good luck. — Russ Hanson